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Mr Mack with ET – Session 1

So I’ve done a couple of full body balance sessions with Mr Mack now since the course ended and after the initial TMJ stuff I did last week. He was a really good boy but is still really itchy all … Continue reading

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Level 1 Chestnut Horse

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Equine Touch Course – Level 1

Well I attended the level 1 Equine Touch course last week. I was inspired to attend for a number of reasons. After having my little girl 2 years ago I returned to work less than inspired by the prospect of working in a hospital as a respiratory physio. It’s a stressful environment and the time away made me realise that its not a place I want to stay. I originally did my physiotherapy degree with the intention of going to to my vet physio masters. However I have never been able to afford it due to horses and babies etc.

So I started looking at what else I could do, that might possibly lead to earning some money that might possibly fund my going to uni. That would be great. Or if I could could earn some pocket money alongside my current job to maybe pay for horses the thats great too. I also wanted a new challenge and I felt that my current share horse, a six year old ex-racer, would benefit from some work.

So why equine touch? Well my old horse had EMRT (which is also based on Bowen therapy and is very similar) which was recommended by the McTimmony Chiropractor who has since trained to do ET and instruct it and was in fact teaching this course!! He responded so well that I have always wanted to be able to do it.

I looked into equine massage and in fact have registered with the EQ50 anatomy course from equinology and looked into their body worker course. I have also looked into the Masterson Method but I kept on coming back to the Equine Touch course. My boy’s response was so powerful 10 years ago that I had to find out more. Continue reading

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Mr Mack on the lunge

So I popped up the yard quickley to see Mr Mack and have a bit of a play. Inspired by Viola’s (HHO) blog I thought I’d lunge and see how he is getting on with the chilling out. I last … Continue reading

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Day 1 The Beginning

So today was the last day of my Equine Touch level 1 course. I went into the course with an open mind but hoping that I would become inspired and encouraged to take up the practitioner route to learn how … Continue reading

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Mr Mack

The little horse who inspired me to give ET a go!!

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