My name is Jo and I am a physiotherapist, mum, wife and lifelong horse lover. My earliest memory of riding is on my friends pony who was called Nutmeg. I believe I was 4 years old. She was small (11 hands ish I suppose) and bay and I rode her every now and then when I went round to play. When my friend moved away I started weekly riding lessons and was bitten by the horsey bug.

I rode at a few riding schools, had a share pony aged 12 for a few months, who was called Jubilee, but she was kicked in the field and put down. I rode for her owners for a bit, mainly backing ponies for them to sell on, but soon got fed up of spending more time on the ground than on a pony and I moved to the RAF Halton Saddle Club.

I rode here for many happy years, basically living there as many teenager did before me and I am sure have done since. I ended up with a fab ex-racer loan horse there called Toddy who took me to my first one day event and I represented Halton with Toddy at the RAF champs once or twice.


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