Mr Mack with ET – Session 1

So I’ve done a couple of full body balance sessions with Mr Mack now since the course ended and after the initial TMJ stuff I did last week.

He was a really good boy but is still really itchy all the time when in his stable so that has probably made it a bit more difficult for me to practice. He has responded really well though to both sessions and we have to deal with these things with horses don’t we. For the itching he now has a fly rug and we have bought some special shampoo we were recommended to ease the itching. If it doesn’t improve with both of these things then its the vet I think.

So back to the ET.

Session 1. Last weekend.

He was itchy so kept pushing into my hands to have a scratch. Otherwise I noticed overall how much muscle tension he carries throughout. This was more noticeable in his quarters and hamstrings and over the base if his neck and withers – the trapezius area. You can almost see the individual muscle fibres and see the boarders of the muscles in these areas. He had some slightly warmer areas around his withers too. The most noticeable thing was his reaction to the girth area. Very sensitive and very clearly told me to get off. He appears to have quite big triceps too on both sides. He lifted his front legs well but not his back legs, kicking out quite a bit. He has been difficult for the farrier when having his feet trimmed (he’s barefoot) so that was worth noting too.

He appeared to enjoy the whole process of the body balance but was pretty fidgety in the stable and wanting to itch quite a bit, which was no different from before we started the session.

He was enjoying most of the hindquarter procedure but was sensitive on the lateral ham move and also the pop the cap, but I expected that from him as he’s a sensitive sort. I didn’t notice much processing at all at this point but gave him plenty of time to think about it.

The forequarter procedure was also tolerated well with just the girth lift being sensitive. His reaction was to put his ears back and swing his head round, but the inch worm he seemed to really enjoy and was pushing against my hands as inf it felt nice. This makes sense as its the trapezius which shows some pretty high tone to it. Some small amounts of processing were noted including licking and chewing and the odd yawn but he was still fidgety.

The neck procedure passed by with little to comment on. Let me do the moves but again with no real processing or reaction. Emma did say to expect this with thenfirst few goes so I gave him a bit of time and then carried on.

The saddle procedure was a bit more telling. On both the first meridian and second meridian he showed some twitching of the muscles in his back and in the centre area of his back, maybe where the back of his saddle sits, he was quite sore. He curled round towards me with a big contraction of the muscles under my fingers. This was despite me going soooo gently I was barely touching him, or so it felt. The reaction was more so on his right side and interestingly he didn’t seem to mind the technique and initially stopped fidgeting and stood well for me to get on with it. As he reacted so much I did a row of blocking moves along each meridian as Emma had showed us and this he didn’t really find comfortable. I took that as my cue to leave him alone and we finished the session there. He showed a little processing after the saddle procedure but nothing to write home about.

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