Mr Mack on the lunge

So I popped up the yard quickley to see Mr Mack and have a bit of a play. Inspired by Viola’s (HHO) blog I thought I’d lunge and see how he is getting on with the chilling out. I last lunged him a couple of weeks ago and it resembled more like water skiing at times, with some good work.

He was delightfully easy to catch and have me a little nicker when I walked up to him and came strolling over. He was a little itchy again – fly rug is on order, and distractedly in the stable and his normal fidgety self. He was also a little bargy so I decided to try some ET moves just on his head (TMJ area of concern) as he was happier with me stood by his head. He responded really well, processing quite a bit. Licking chewing and finished with a big sigh and turning super chilled. I left him to chill for a bit (about 20 mins) then popped a bridle on him and he trolled out and lunged beautifully. Really chilled despite the wind and really listening to me and he only kicked out once when he strick off disunited in canter.

So pleased with him and convinced the ET chilled him out so he was concentrating on me. When I turned him out he was a saint and stood but the gate watching me go and gave me another little nicker.

I think he likes me!!

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One Response to Mr Mack on the lunge

  1. Ah glad I brought some inspiration – that’s my ultimate goal šŸ˜€ I like your way of working with him (giving him a break and looking for concentration signs before asking for more).
    Wiola (Viola on HHO)

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